måndag 15 februari 2021


Hi there you guys....and dolls!!! Lovely winter weather...snow...sunshine...full akita weather as it is!!

On a walk in the small town of Sigtuna we happened to meet two old ladies also on a walk....with their walkers at it happened...hehehehe! Nice ladies who thought we were good we are of course!!! whu shouldnt we???? Anyways...a cuople stopped and asked our dad about us...what race? we bark?...and are we nice to other dogs? Dad said that we are nice to other dogs IF they not glower at us...." they dont take from no one!" my dad said....and the old ladies with their walkers couldnt agree more and said " Thats the spirit! One shouldnt take shit from no one!" I think the ladies had been akitas in their previous lives!!!!

Gorgeous morning at the steamboat bridge.....

And some leisure time....or is it maybe to cool of the nether parts????

Here is someone who needs a little heat....he is so thin...the cat Sigge. He has had his 15th birthday in January!!!! Still going strong...cats have nine lives they say but Sigge must be on his 11th now...pooor thing!

You maybe wonder we I sit behind shut doors and that the doors have papers on them???? It is my mom that has put them as I cant see into the other room!!!!!

And what is in the other room????? ChiChi!!!! With whom I am soooooooo in love with right now!!!
She is in heat!!!!!And I want so much to become a dad!!! Not with just only her but with any girl that is willing! Dad says he is going to get a scissor and cut off my balls!!!! Ousch!! That is not nice!

Winter time is happy time!!!!

This is Daishi...a male akita from the same kennel that we come from.....Midori No Yokuchi. He came to visit us the other day and he is a miracle. Not that he came to visit just us but that he can come and visit anybody. Cryptic eh??!! 
He was in fact the sole survivor in a head on car crash with two cars involved. Unfortunatly four people died including his master. Daishi came out of the car with almost a scratch!!! So he is a true miracle!!

That he is a miracle doesnt mean that I like him....and he me! We cant stand each you will never see a photo with us together....EVER! The only thing we would like to do with the other is.....KILL!!!!
I had to be locked in another room while he was here....taking over our house the bastard!!! Even Zumi had to be locked in???? They had a walk together and everything was dandy...they shared the same spot to smell on, was in the same vole hole and sniffed....but..suddenly Zumi went ballistic and growled and snarled at him...showing off her whole weelbrushed denture ( my dad said that he had never seen her that angry!!! )...and they didnt know what had happened????? That is the true nature of the never know what can happen....and when it happens it happens fast and with no mercy. All went well but Zumi was confind to prison with me!!!
One of Daishis btothers was ment for a certain Vladimir Putin!!!!! Some sort of crisis in the Ukraine stopped the union of the two.......but that is another story.....