lördag 14 augusti 2021


Hi again guys from the world all over!!!! Here we are .......the three musketeers...or maybe not....perhaps more like the three sumarais...anyways quiet gorgeous the three of us right??!!

The mole monster a k a Chihiro the shiba has had her birthday.....HURAH HURRAH HURRAH!!!
Her second as it happens...she is a big girl puppy anymore...though her puppy mischiefs has not gone away under these two no no!....chasing the cat and digging up the lawn is still her main interests......

But she is a pretty girl!!!! Now she is unfortunatly in heat and can not stay in our house. I wouldnt mind of course!!!!! Puppies are always cute I personally think...dont you???

ChiChi posing with her girly mate Zumi....they are always friendly towards one and another. No my mistake!! If there is any kind of food involved they are deadly!!!

Ah boy! LOOK AT THIS!!!! Can you fathom what I have o put up with???? I am tooooo way kind for my own good!!! A butt in my face.....are you kiddin me girl!!!!!

A big rainbow outside our house....where is the end of it and the treasure????

And a big honey rose.....

Having the beach mode I cool or am I cool??!!

In the town of "Öregrund" by the Baltic Sea...crowded with people during the summer and totally dead in winter.

Sitting at the vets waiting to get a puff of spray up my nose....vaccine for kennelhosta.....kennel cough.
Not fun put necessery...I guess?!

ChiChi guarding her ball that she herself has destroyed.....and her many holes in the lawn. Mom cover them up and ChiChi digs them up again....and endless story!

Been hot even here in Sweden this summer so cooling down is a must....wet towels that is not fun to wear though.....

Look how happy Kazumi is!!

Wearing a wet vest....better than the towel but not much.....

The cat Sigge drinking from our water bowl....Zumi is next in line....

On a walk by the Baltics.... the woods so that dad can post a picture on instagram. How many pictures are there dad??? Isnt it enough soon???

I think ChiChi loves me.....

Girls bathing in the on the other hand is eating gravel!!!! What??? It tastes like....gravel so what???

Two pictures of a friend in California...Sora the beautiful american akita.....we will never meet but its cool to have a friend so far away.....