torsdag 30 juli 2020

Hi there dear folks and friends round the globe.....hope you all are doing well...I am fine thank you but a little incident has happened that almost made me meet my maker....though I certainly do not think he want to meet me.....I have a slight tendency to strangers I have not seen.....and I guess neither I nor anybody else has seen the big man. I will tell you about that misfortune that happened me will have to be in a litlle supense eh?!....

Here we are all the three of us...japanese samurai the jungle near our house. No actual wildlife like the kind they have in Africa, but an occasional roe deer or hare can jump out o the bushes...and of course the very annoying ( to Zumi anyway, I dont bother that much ) squirrle!!
We have some foxes as well and badgers....rumour says it that one attacked a dog and bit its nose....I very much hope it was that stupid Wilson or that even more stupid Morris that got his nose shorter!!! Hehehe!

Walking with Chihiro or ChiChi as she is called is very tideous...she has this annoying habit of stoping like every five meters to pee!!!! And she does it as a male dog??!!! Lifting one leg up and pee on a tree??!! I can not get my mind on from whom she has learned this????? Dad says I should only look in a mirror to get the answer...he is such a funny guy!!!!!
Well  it is not easy to be a role it???

Out with precious Daijina Mirai in the kingdom of Morga....Mirai is currently in a dog care center during the day when her naster, Björn, is working. She has acclimated very well in the center.....thats good. Us akitas can have some issues coming to people and dogs we dont know that well....but the one we like we like very much!!!!

Doctor Shirai at your service!!!!...checking the plumbing......

At almost every walk we do people have comments to give us....usually good one...very very seldom bad ones. We met a couple of guys that stopped and admire us, one said....." They say that akitas are very intelligent!!!"...that kind of talked we like!!!! But as always dad has to be a smart ass and spoil it by saying..." Not to mention the owners!!!"......My God!!!!!

As you can see we are now of royal heritage.....this is Sala Castle just outside Uppsala. No one lives there right now so we have an idea to move in......

ChiChi has had her first birthday!!!! Hip hip hurrah!!!! Dad made her a present....her pawprint casted in clay........

Now is the time to tell you when I almost met my mum in dog mom that is, Miume, that was overrun by a big lorry when she was chasing a squirrel!!!!!
I was laying peacefully, as I always do, on the veranda at our the sun...when I had this urge to go and drink some water. But when I tried to get up something was resisting that...and someone or something was slowely refusing to let my have air to breath!!!!  The less air I got the more panic I got...and I pulled harder and harder. Fortunatly for me mom was outside and saw my predicament and came to my rescue. My necklace has a tag on it, like a bone, with dad phonenumber on it...and that little rascal had somehow glided down in between two planks and gotten stuck. The more I pulled on my necklace the more I strangled myself!!! Dad and mom had a hard time trying to calm me so that they could get the necklace off me....but they managed even though I snarled at them. Puh!  that was an ordeal I can tell can see my necklace stuck between the planks down below.....

After such a wringer it is nice to have a soft butt to rest on........

onsdag 15 juli 2020

At our steamboat landing-stage in Brevik, Roslagen.......

When its hot.....and it has been a couple of weeks`s very ardous for us dogs with thick fur..... sometimes I wish I was a Chinese crested dog...or maybe not!!!!!
But dad has bought us cooling or not?!!!

but the best thing is to go down to "Ekoln" and take a swim.....well at least cool of your paws.

When humans see me they sometimes stop us and askes what kind of a bread I am......and the often recurrent question is I am a hauling dog?!
And dad often...funny as he is...says "Yes, indead! I have to haul him along on our walks!!" He is a great guy, my dad!

I saw this ship far away in the horizon when we were in Grisslehamn. It goes between Grisslehamn and the island Åland in the Baltic Sea. Due to the covid-19 virus there have not been any traffic on that line for a it have been so peaceful at the beach you can see.
I saw the ship and got very very very angry!!!!! I barked and barked....and when I bark it is not bark is BARK BARK!!!!!!!!!

The thing is that that ship shouldnt be there....not in my world anyway! You see.......the place where I am, or have been, or am going to be is MY PROPERTY....I own the bloody place and all that is in it!!
I decide what things/people can be there or not! And if I, the king, doesnt approve I bark! And when I bark they should obey....even big ships!!! But that stupid thing just kept going...probably had some seewater in its ears or something......

so I took a bath instead.....see how far away in the water I go!!!! ooooooooh!!!! scary stuff!!!

better get on dry land before the ship decides to come here!!!!

Here you have our friend Chihiro the shiba-inu....or more known as little ChiChi the mole monster.....she likes to digg holes in our garden and that drives mom crazy....and when she does the carousel in her leash....very funny!!!

Here we are drinking and bathing in a fountain at the Veterinary Highschool in Ultuna....we use to go there once a month to take our problemo for ChiChi and me but Zumi is always an embarrassment! She insist on barking all the way from outside the building to the inside and out again.....

Dad had a stroke of luck this time...they had put a scales in a sort of antechamber....that was a luck for dad and for all the patients waiting at the vets!

After a loong day full of work an play ( ? ) it`s nice to have a little lay-down.....or two!!