fredag 16 juli 2021


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! Well I had my birthday almost a month now I am 6 years and one month old!!! I AM AN OLD GEEZER!!!!
This is a happy birthday card Elsa did on instagram to me!!! Nice!!!

This is me wanting to eat my birthday cake....which is not a cake but roasted beef...yummie yummie!!!

I rather much have the cakes I got before.....whipped cream cake!!! OMG!!!
But I am on a diet!!!!!! Lord and behold!!!
I have had problemos with stomach aches for a all fat food or other treats are prohibited!!!
My life is ruined!!!.....I possible LOVE whipped cream and FATFATFAT!!!!

On the other hand it´s not fun having these stomach aches what to do??!!!
I want to live for a while says I could stay six for the rest of my least for ten years or more!!!
Gotta eat a lot of fish folks!!!!

At Edbladh in Gåsvik, Roslagen......

You maybe wonder what I am looking at??????
It is a big umbrella...a k a parasol...I dont like umbrellas....never to keep an eye on them...never know when they attack you and swallow you up!!!!

It had been very HOT in Sweden for a couple of weeks...thats the reason why I have not written for a while...the best place is in an open space where the wind is blowing....

Or under a the shade...

Or on the steamboat bridge.......

A tattoo maybe???? Dont where to do it though?! Perhaps a tatto of mom and dad on my balls!!! HAHAHA!

The reason other dogs get angry at beautiful ridge!!!!

HEJA SVERIGE FRISKT HUMÖR!!!!! Cheering for team Sweden in the soccer Euro 2020!!!

Bloody Hell! What a setback!! Ukraine beat us and we are out of the tournament!!!
Never going to watch soccer again!! Ballet anyone????