fredag 18 september 2020


Hi there folkies!!! Here we on route to the "fjäll"...the mountains in Sälen, Dalarna, Sweden. It is like 380 kilometers from our home in we had to put our lederhosen on to survive the know?! is a lot of sitting in the back of the car right....your ass get kind of sore right!!!

But fortunatly we had a stop at "Fänforsen" to stretch our long legs and get something in our stomachs...and to some peeing as well!!!

Zumi took a was a bit afraid that she would be dragged away by the strong currents...but no luck there!!

In the woods they had put some strange things!!!...I had to make myself clear with the thingies that I didnt like them around....yes I barked at them...stupid things wouldnt react...guess they must be ralated to Winson the stupid mongrel golden retriever in our neighbourhood!!!

Hahahaha!! That scared them of eventually!!!

This is I think some stupid dogs they have chopped off their heads!!!! Guessed someone thought they barked to much....I will take this splendid idea and incorporate it at home...looooooots of stupid doge that barked a whole lot of tooooooo much at home.....

Those guys almost scared the crap out of us until we saw that they was unreal!!!!! Spoooooky!!

Eventually we was at our destination....Lindvallen, Sälen...this is our cottage we would stay in for four nights.....

Here we are on day one....equipped with a good mood and back packs...the back pack we could do without in my opinion!!!!

We started on our 14 kilometers journey up the had it in his mind that we could be on leash....a long leash....but after about 500 meters when he almost tripped and fell over them....he diceded that leashes was no good on a hike in the he turned us free!!!!!

It was nice exploring the nature...and drinking the nice cold water....

Sitting and watching for miles and miles over the valley......

This is the " Stone lake" up on the "Högfjället"......

At last we came to the cabin at Högfjället and could have some well deserved lunch...which we had to carry of course!!!!!

We was admired of  the other hikers there and even got "Bullens" sausages from a nice and friendly girl!!!!

But then it was back on track again....with hearty minds and strong legs it was no problems.....

Small lakes there were plenty of...that is good because I have to fill up my tank as to have means to mark my path when I never know when you get lost????

I found a nice cosy place to take some rest in......

End of day ones journey......back to the cottage to have some grubb and nightynight.....

Day two we took a trail that goes way up north if you like to a place called "Abisko" is faaaaaaar away and not the place we are going to.....for that I am happy!!!!

As usually some filling up with water......not in the back packs though!!!! A man asked dad " What do they have in their back packs?"...and of course the funny guy he is my dad said " Beer, lots of beer!" The man replaid " Of course, obvios, silly of me to ask!" Humans are soooo funny!

Taking a bit of snack outdoors...the food taste more when you have done some hard worh dont you think??!!

We met three ladies on this trail that stopped and admired us....even took some pictures....they said that meeting us was the best part of their day!!!! Isnt that nice?! I think I should get "the Nobel Prize in gorgousness" dont you think!!!!!!???

On day three it was raining all day so we only took walks nearby....but in the evening when it was dry we took a walk to " Hundfjället" that is "DogMountain"....kind of appropriate eh??!

This is how we usually spent our time in the!!!