fredag 4 september 2020

Hi there folks!!!! We are in difficult times and has been for a loooooong time it seems. Social distance is the keyword and that is okey.....akitas are use to social distance......we do not like dogs coming near us sniffing as we were their property to do what they want with!!!
But now two times at our summer house in Brevik mum and dad has taken that social distance to a new level.....even for us!

This is "Fanta".....short for "Fantastic"...she is a greyhound that didnt like to be a greyhound....that is she didnt like the racing thing a greyhound should she found a new home at a couple that is living right across the street in Uppsala. And she ( and her owners ) of course came to visit us in Brevik. That was when we got to know the upgraded version of "social distance"....we were not allowed in the house!!!! We had to stay outside in the yard while this Fanta thing strutted around our house....our house. Kazumi even got thrown into the workshop for growling at Fanta!!!!
And the same thing happened when a stupid puppy called " Nikko" came to us....he really could have used some teaching of manners by us two......we are glad he didnt pee in the house at least!!!!

If you cant understand this photo it`s mum taking a bath in Grisslehamn......

On our walks we meet two kinds of dogs or more accurate....two kinds of dog owners. You have the ones that play it safe....if they see us they cross the street or choose another route...why challenge an akita eh?? Then you have the brainless ones...they who just must take a chance and challenge us...though they have a small mongrell they think they have the most furious fighting dog of all time. They seem to have made up their mind of not dodge for no man or dog!!!! " Not over my dead body" they say in their heads....well we can certainly help you with that!!!!!!

ChiChi or as her full name a strange creature....well she is a japanese dog so what else to expect??!! When we are out walking she has the strange and annoying habit of lifting her leg against a tree and pee???!!! Strange eh?  Can not for the life undertsand what she has learned that?! And she does it at least 20-25 times per walk!!!! What kind of dog does that???? Now dad is clearing his throat loudly and point out that he knows one more dog that does the same thing EXACTLY! A red one and whoes name starts with S and ends with hirai!! Funny guy!!!!

A golden boy........

A walk at Wiks castle just outside Uppsala......Zumi and I are having our back packs on.....for Zumi it was the first time and she was not comfy at all with it. We have to train her with it because Zumi, me and dad is going hiking in the swedish mountains.......

Doing what we do best......even the cat Sigge has the black belt in resting!!!!!

Here we are with some friends in the background....can you see them???

Zumi waiting for food....she is always waiting....her stomach is a big black hole that can contain any amount of food....nothing is enough for that belly!!!!!

And in ten seconds its gone!!!!! More please!!!!!!!

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