fredag 21 augusti 2020

Its very hot now in Sweden....and for an akita with thick fur....and I have very THICK is exhausting to go for walks. Master try to walk us in the early mornings or later in the evenings when it`s a little bit cooler.....

And if we can find a waterhole  along the way we jump in....or actually that part is for Zumi...I am more of the drinking type when it comes to liquids....exactly like my dad/master!!!!!! If anybody says " Come in to the water and swim, it`s 20 degrees Celsius!" dad says " Ha are you kiddin me, that is 8 degrees to cold!!" He is the genuine bath coward!!! And so am I!

As I said it is hot in Sweden and I tend not to walk too fast hence thick you well know by now! But walking slowly does not mean I am an object for nasty rudeness from other dogowners!!!!
A lady with a rag on her leash said to dad " My dog is 13 years old! Your dog must be the same age!?" If I haven`t developed into such a nice guy I am I would have derminated her and her rag for a dog!!!!!

Here Zumi and I are up on top of the small costal town of Norrtälje...very quaint indeed....wodden houses, narrow streets and a little creek running thru the town. And loads of small cafeterias, hair dressers and house brokers. Roslagen, as this part of the country is called, have most vacation homes in Sweden. This town is very busy in the summer and stone dead the rest of the year...

We found ourselves a water hole!!!!!

Often people stop us and want to now what breed we are and so forth....this time in Norrtälje we could hardly move forward......and as it happened we got stopped by a former movie star!!!!! Ay ay ay!!!! I am now going to collect on movie stars that admire us!!!
Well movie star and movie was not exactly Julia Roberts....but this lady has won the Cannes Film Festival Award for best actress in her was Pia Degermark...the swedish actress that did the role "Elvira adigan" in the drama film "Elvira Madigan" from 1967!!!!

As you can see I am in LOVE.....holding pretty young bitches paws is what I do these days!!! A nd I can do it very well indeed!!!! Especially those bitches that smell so goooooooood and have sexy little pants on!!!!!

Pool babe ChiChi........

I had one of my "Halleluha moment" this morning!!!! We had the good fortune to meet one of my darlings that I desire.....the neighboor dog "Doris"...a very petite and lovely french bulldog. Whenever I pass her house I tend to do those little whimpering sound.....I cant hold drives Zumi crazy....jaelous of course!!!!! But I have not given her any promises.....I have love in me that many can share with me!!!
Anyways....we met delicious Doris....and I got to kiss her...she was so delighted to met me that she at once lay on her back!!!! Oh what sweet smell she had....and those whole world went upside down for a moment!!!!

Zumis best sleeping pose......


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