torsdag 2 juli 2020

Hi there guys around the world......I am back!!!  We still don`t understand that our beloved friend Kitti isn`t with us anymore....a big part of our world is gone...but she will be in our memories forever and everytime we walk in our akita paradise " Morga hage" she will walk with us.....

We had lunch at Sigtuna golfing for us this time though Kazumi had a go at it when master left her unleached a millisecond!!! She had it in her that she knew the man on first tee....and she just had to talk to him....he didn`t like the idea of having a discussion with a intrusive akita-inu, he wanted to play golf!!! Well dad got hold of her after a bit of shouting......luckily for him she didn`t run off into the golf course...that had actually been fun to see....Zumi galloping off between golfers and dad chasing her in a golfcart....hahahaha!

We were invited to lunch at "Edbladhs" in Gåsvik by Astrid and Nisse. Usually we are very wellbehaved when we are out eating at restaurants.....but this time Zumi insisted on being grumpy and snarling at people...especially at a young woman with a toddler....and I could understand her...though I kept my mouth very shut. The mom took the baby in her arms and waggled her while she sang a song....and that was what turned Zumi on...I think she either didnt like the songtext or the singer....anyway she started to bark loudly....mum and dad wasn`t pleased....they said she had to stay by herself in the car if she didn`t stop!!! But then she was annoyed by some bigger children playing in a park nearby....oh my God!!!!
But one of the childrens mother got a revenge....she said that Zumi had a very beautiful colored fur....." just like our rabbit at home!" ....HAHAHA! That was hillarious!!!! Zumi the RABBIT!!!!
That quiet her down!!!

Are we happy or are we.....happy????!

Having a picnic at "Albert Engströms ateljé" in Grisslehamn.......

I know that there are humans that do not like dogs....some say they are either cat-people or mum and dad say that they are animal-people!!!! Everybody can not love us but I do not think we are the devils work or something in that way.....are we??Well but on one of our morning walks something happend that never have happened before. We walked peacefully on our side of the road when a woman on a bike came towards us....I saw that she glanced at us an kind of snarled....I looked behind me as she had passed us and then I saw it.......she did a number of crosses over head chest and mumbled!!!!! What the h..........???? Next time I see her I will puncture her tires!!!!

I had my fifth birthday the other day....thank you thank you for all the presents...NOT!!!
Well it is not much to say about this....everybody gets older that is a wellknown fact....and I am like a good wine.....getting better by the hope I still have at least 10 more birthdays to come.....and so do I!!

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