onsdag 16 oktober 2019

Swenglish as it should be for you not living in are welcome

Den magiska hösten är här....vackra färger...dimslöjor på havet...och plaskblött mellan tassarna. Så är livet...det kan inte vara sol jämt.....och sen när den väl kommer så blir man extra glad! Nu gick jag väl lite väl djupt in i själen och grävde tycker ni säkert....han brukar ju inte vara sån. Nåja ibland kan man få vara lite filosofisk...eller?!..även om man bara är en liten akita-inu med två hjärnceller ( enligt husse, den skämtaren! )

The magic fall is here...beautiful colors....misty vapors over the sea...and soggy wet between our paws. Easy to get caught with mushrooms growing there!!! Urk!! But thats life folks! Can`t be sunshine mistress thinks so though...but when the sun eventually shines you get ever so happy!!! Getting a bit philosophical there...digging deep in my japanese soul....amazing for a dog with only two braincells my master says....he is always such a joker!!!

We met a little girl on her bike with her mother cycling beside her...she looked at us with what I thought was eyes full of admiration seeing two such unearhtly beautiful dogs ( yes yes it`s brag but it`s my blog and I can write anything I want, ha! )...and she said to her mum " Mum look at those dogs"...but then she said something so profoundly stupid that I almost fainted..."Mummy, I want a dachshund!". WHAT!!!!! What is it with youngsters nowadays???!! Have then no manners? Did she think we were those meatloafs on so short legs that when they walk on a golfgreen they think they are in the Brazilian jungle!!! My God!!! They are not irish wolfhound, a caucasian sheperd dog or a mastiff and of course an akita-ken is a DOG! Other dogs are more like accessories...not dogs! Stupid girl!!! I will puncture her tires next time I see her....hehehe!

My philosophical mode....on a landing-stage they have built for a steamboat they have going in Väddö canal....

Maybe in the summer we can take the boat to Älmsta, the nearest town, on the canal and then walk home...a. easy 5 kilometers walk along the canal.

Taking a rest in our house in Brevik....

Here is the darling little shiba "Chihiro"....she thinks I am her dad!!!!!!! I know that I am sought for as a father to puppies but I do not think that I am responsible for her being on earth. She is breed/bredd in Riala, a bit south of the town of Norrtälje. And I do not think I have been there...I can be wrong...but I couldn`t have driven there myself cause I don`t have a car and even if I had one I don`t have a drivers license. And taxi??....don`t have a credit no I am not her father!! But I can always act like a mentor. She is to come this sunday and stay the whole day...I will teach her the basic stuff of being a japanese dog...and the first thing to know is "do not trust anyone that you don`t know!" Always helpt me in life!!

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