tisdag 20 oktober 2020


Hi there dudes and dudetts! we are sitting by the Baltic Sea and contemplating over life and its think that I am a whole mystery bu myself....and Zumi of course....well we are akitas so what can expect????
One mystery he doesn`t understand is my way of taking on a path that we are going....he calls me the dog equivalent to a cruise missile. He has learned me and Zumi to go on the left side of the road/path and stay there during our walk....but there are much more smelling goodies on the other side so I try to sneak over on that side behind his back...and he gets angry! But should we go back the same path/road on the other direction.......I want to go on the right side again!!! And that he can not understand because he says that " You had the chance on that side when we headed out, why now!!!"
Well I am an akita!!! Thats why stupid!!! If you want me to go on the left side and defenitly want to gon any other side that is availiable!!!!!!!

Dad has made castings in clay of our paws....nice eh???!
Next up is the cat Sigge....we all say good luck to that!!! Hehehehe!
Sigge got very sharp claws!!!!!

My biological clock is ticking....tick tock tick tock.....I think I am in that face of life when I want to be a DAD!!! It is very annoying that no one wants to be a mom to my babies!!! I search all day long and the streets up and down......I cant think of anything else at the moment.I will not eat and I can not rest indoors....I must get out to get me a bride!!!! Can someone help me!!!!!! Maybe Tinder???
I tried to make it with Daijina Mirai, the lovely bitch from Klinta....but she was not interested......I even tried it with Björn, Daijina Mirais master....but he was defenitly NOT interested!!!! Funny??!

The Hunk on the beach....thats me!

Zumi and ChiChi on the top of the stone.....ChiChi was first up on it and Zumi couldnt allow her to be up there on her own.......

As the know dogs often bark at us when they see says they are jelous for not being as good looking as an akita....I guess he for once is right!!!! 90 % av all the owners have one answer/word to the dogs behavior....the word "NO!". They say "No" and the dog barks..."No" and the dog barks...and that could go on for hours. Can`t they understand that all they do is encouraging the dog???? They are just rewarding the dog with the word...the dog think he is a gooooood dog for scaring off these two ugly looking creaturs. Keep your mouth shut and the dog will eventually stop barking!!!!!

 Nice to have someone who likes you!!!!!!

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