torsdag 19 november 2020


Hi there again you folks all over the world( ? ).....I am here again telling you tales from my adventures here in Uppsala Sweden. Well adventures and adventures ????......actually its the same old boring routine every single day monday through sunday.....wake up in the morning, take a walk, eat breakfast, stake a nap, wake up and take a walk, some snacks and then sleep lunch, wake up and have dinner, take a walk, take an evening nap, a late walk round the block and then its nightynight....and then the same thing all over again.....adventurous? well wouldnt call it that anyway!!
You can see on the photo what we can do best!!!!

We have quit a lot of roe deers around us though we live in a crowded area....but they live in the small forrest nearby and then take walks in the surroundings....and when its season they eat up all our tulips and rose buds...not so funny!!!! Once we had a roe deer mother giving birth in our garden!!!!!!
Here is Kazumi looking at a few of them......

Dad gets so annoyed sometimes out walking with me.....I have this habit of standing and watching around me like an old geezer....curious of all things than actually are no concern of least he thinks so! I have a mission...I need to know what and who and where and whatsgoingon!!!!! My mind is set up that not make any is in an akitas résumé.....take it or ??????

Mum was out in our garden raking up the leaves that had fallen down when she yelled out....." Blast all dog owners!!!".....she had stepped on a big poop that someone had left!!!!!!

When we took a walk in the little town Norrtälje there was this little lady coming up to us and said..." Can I take a picture of the dogs?"...." Of course you can."..." Thank you, I will show it to my dog at home, a german dachshound!"....OMG! poor dog!!!....not for seeing two very very beautiful dogs but having such a ckoockoo mum!!!!

Kazumi does a thing that I do not do......well she does a lot of stupid and strange things that I do not do!!!!! ( for one thing pooping in the middle of a street!!! ). This is not that bad but a bit oddly....she looks for tiny, long straws of grass....and sniff them very very careful almost in a scientific way...up and down...down and up. I wonder if she gets anything out of it?????

Waiting for someone to arrive...maybe it is Klara!!!!!! That is the girlfriend to my mini master Sebastian...she and him owns Chihiro that you can see the butt off...the one to the right that is....but I guess you can tell the difference betweena an akita butt and a shiba butt....RIGHT!!!!
Anyway I really hope it is Klara coming....I am in LOVE with Klara!!!! Dad gets so irritated when I sit by her side and watch up at her with my langushing brown eyes. But if you are in love you are in love!!!!

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