tisdag 22 december 2020



OK! usual they have brought in the forrest...for what reason I do not fathom...are we not going out  to pee anymore or what???? And the bloody tree is so thick and heavy that the foot it stands in can`t keep it in place.....I guess it wants to go back to its mates in the wilderness....poor sod!!! standing there and looking like a spectacle with all the balls and stuff....
And all this waiting for the fat man dressed in red....would have been more nice ft it was  to be " A lady in red" said the master.
The question that always runs through my mind...." Have I been nice this year or am I going for a ride in the dudes empty sack????!!!"

All dressed up for the party!!! but where are all the party chicks?????

This is NOT the party chicks I meant!!!!!!

Dudes and dudettes!! Have you seen my new hairdo!!! Cool right!!!

Zumi and I got a month each in the anual Swedish Akita Society calender for the year of 2021.
I remember back in the good old days when Mitsu, my friend, my fiance and extra mom, had 3 months each in the calender!!!! more akitas and more competition says its inflation in akitas....

Here are some pictures with my dear friend Daijina Mirai and her master Björn. We took a walk on some foot-bridges they have built alongside the shoreline of "Mälaren".....

Daijina is always taking a bath if the opportunity turn up.......

I am as you know more of a land guy.....I think water is for drinking...and the peeing out on every tree and pole I the dismay of my dad....hehehhe!

We were a night in Brevik and acting dock dogs......and sleeping we usually do...nothing new in this world.....

Chihiro a k a ChiChi says she wants to stay with us in Uppsala when her mistress Klara goes to her parents in Uddevalla....well the truth is she is not allowed to follow!!! Klaras parents have five, FIVE, cats....and ChiChi is very eager to play with them...but they are NOT!!!!
Sigge, our cat, going to be sooooo delighted when he get to know this....NOT!!!!

Here are playing at a dog bath......

ChiChi is allowed to sleep in the humans bed!!!!!!!

 End it all with ginger bread akitas....Kazumi, Sigge and I wish you all


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