tisdag 13 april 2021


You can see what`s going on here right?! Sis is having her third birthday party....well party and party? Due to this pandemic it was only for the nearest friends a k a me and the little ChiChi. So Love, Selma,Nova, Fanta and Cosmo couldn`t come.....actually Cosmo wouldn`t have been invited even if there was no pandemic!! And no other dog for that matter!!!!! We are not so fond of other dogs...not in our personal space that is....otherwise if they go about what they like to do and not bother us we don`t care S!!!

Dad`s special birthday cakes for the three of us....layers of whipped cream with liver paste...yummieyummie!!!!

Zumi is watching the cakes so no one starts without her.....

Trying to blow out the candles and make a wish...or more likely...trying to gobble down the cake in ione bite....

ChiChi liked the cake too.....

ChiChi is a funny girl...for the most part laid-back and quiet....BUT! If there comes a bicyclist cycling past us AND if it is a young boy....then it`s WAR!!!! She hates them....she have a tantrum and barks and barks is a little devil in that cute little body!!!


The spring is coming towards us in big steps....and soon the water is warm to bathe in....not me of course....I will never have the stupid thought of taking a bath voluntarily!!! Water is for drinking and then peeing out on every tree, bush or pole I happen to pass.....basta!!!

Mum is the center of attention....maybe it is because she has some treats???!!

Aha!! What spy my eye???? Sausages, bacon and meatballs!!! Am I in heaven or what???

Better guard them so no other stupid dog takes them!!!!

To sleep is the best thing for the akita to do...that is the first thing an akita owner should know!!!! let an akita sleep alot and you have a content akita in your house....
Look at how Kazumi eyes me.... som much admiration right??!

Here we are on our way into city to keep a good look out first!!!!

 Dad forced me into putting this stupid photo....but alright...everything looks dandy on a beauty!!!!

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