tisdag 15 juni 2021



Hi there friends! Here I am bathing in the sun....not that I like the heat though!!! But I lokk good right??

Zumi making a spectacle of herself......

We had the craziest encounter to day. On our morning had the three of us on his own...he usually have that mornings...we saw two people, a man and a woman running....and they had a dog each. Dad looked after a space to step aside with us dogs and held up his hand to the man and said " Can you please wait until I get my dogs to the side?!" It was a narrow path in the woods....not wide enough to for two parties with dogs.

The man kept coming...and his little mongrel to a dog started barking. Dad again " Can you please stop?!" And due to the dog barking a took a halt and sat myself on the path waiting!!! Dad tried dragging me of the path...I am a nice dog do not make a mistake but if anybody challenge me.....I get upset!!!!

The man kept coming closer with his barking dog!!! "What are you up to?? I am begging you to stop!!!" The man said " I am passing through here!" I finally stept aside a bit and the man passed...the dog trying to come closer to me!!! Then the lady passed and dad said " What is wrong with him??" The lady answered " What do you mean? The dog??"........ " No your bloody husband!!!"

This is pictures from a meeting with the akitas Mirai and Akiro in Morga hage.....

This brute of a dog bit me!!!! Me!!!! The king of Morga hage!!!!!
He had been staring at me for a long time...and in a split second when his master didnt have control he got a bite at my cheek....and didnt let go the stupid dog...and his master couldnt drag him off me...and I couldnt defend myself cause he was in my was panic in Detroit I can tell you!!!!! Dad, who had Zumi in his hands, grabbed the mongrel by his collar I tried to jank him off me....and finally he succeded after putting a foot in his face....served him right!!!!
So I do not like that dog!!!! If I have a chance I will kill him!!!!

ChiChi is a fun little is so easy to get her excited over almost nothing. If I just huff and puff a little she catches up on it and gets eager too....and she can get eager that girl....and bark. And when she is up to barking her head off and very much annoying the humans.....then I can stop and start my own bussiness a k sniffing for bitches!!

Give me some pizza please!!!

This is Zumi at the vets...she doesnt like the vets...she barks....and then the vets dont like her!!
So they sedated her to keep her quiet!!!! No!!! She was having an xray on her hips....she has been having this limp when she stand up after resting...just a few steps then she is ok. But we have to check what is what.....

This is some photos of friends we have, through insta, in California...LA.

This is beautiful queen Sora.....

And with her brother, Shadow the handsome husky



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