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"the way of Shirai-san"

A short presentation of my humble self. First of all, my name is Midori No Yokuchi Eiko aka "Shirai".
Shirai means like "white well". They (my human beings ) thought it would suit me because I`m white on the underpart of my beatiful body.
I´m of the noble breed of dogs called akita-inu.The dog from "the land of the rising sun". So that you don´t misunderstand anything..NOT the honky-dory MacD Coca-Cola country Willie Nelson american-akitasort of a dog (sorry you amigos in US of the A) but the genuine kamikaze karaoke sushi sake japanese-akita sort! The real Macoy so to speak.Big difference  Big difference! I am a real samurai-ka. Talk budo........ talk with me!

My birth took place in a little house up in the north of Sweden, Tandsjöborg near Sveg. Actually its more like  in the middle part of Sweden, but since they have a lot of bears, lynx and an occasional wolf up there its talked of as "up in the north" by the softy southerners that loves concrete.I never saw any bear when I stayed there but they say Im good at the bear-thingy,what ever that means.

I was born the 25th of June 2015 at the pricese hour of 20.00 and weighed precisly 500 gr. You can see Im a very precise I not?! Now Im not a little halfkilos lump of meat any longer, now I weigh my brave 9 kilos, all very hard muscles. At least my belly. My "plastic-dad" or stepdad here in Uppsala, where I live now, have the very nerve to play drums on it sometimes when he feel lucky. Usually I solve that problem with my molars...hehehe!

My first human parents in life was Rudi&Gabi in Tandsjöborg that I informed you about. Nice, caring people that tought me alot. Like learning to eat proper food and not sucking on the "milkbar" all the time (though me and my brother loved the flavor, almost like vanillashake..vanillashake?..I couldnt possibly know the flavor could I?) anyways...and not to poo in that gross? And we spent alot of time outdoors..nice!
My real mummy, the bitch Miume Go Fuen No Oka, was very kind and thoughtful to me and my brother Eichiro. She learned us about being a little puppy and alot about the species of human beings and all of their peculiarities.

Daddy, the hounddog Doraemon Go Fuen No Oka, I dont know that much about. He left pretty much
after his "four second of fame". Could here him sometimes from the backyard growling something
about "grow up boys and become a DOG like me"!  Well well he knows perhaps best..I cant tell.

Unfortunatly there wasnt to be alot of brothers and sister to play with. Its just me and my twinbrother Eichiro aka "Shiro" now. Good sport that brother of mine. Liked to play some tough game with...that I of course won! What happened to him God knows? Rumour says it that he went to Kumla ( its a town in Sweden known for its prison..somewhat like San Quentin where hardend criminals have a longstay). Hope he doesnt do time for someting. Like steelin Gabis meatballs or Rudis rabbits! Well it would be fun to see the old chum somtetime...when he gets out!

Prior to my journey to my new foster-home i Uppsala I was a bit worried. The day before we had traveled to Orsa, a town nearby with lots of human beings. There me and my brother was attacked by a woman in a white coat that had nerve to stick a very sharp object in my very red back. She also squeezed my little body front and back. Almost expected she would stamp me with "OK" in my butt. No that sort of thing could upset any tummy I guess...
But most of the journey to Uppsala I slept in the backseat with my head near the ventilation because it was so hot. One stop in Rättvik just to look at some shouldn`t think so! Just did some peeing and drank water. Tried one more stop on a carpark to do number one (and eventually the number two!). But how could they think I could do any of that with twentyhundred cars criusing by oggling?!?? No, I just didn´t do it until we got home...that good was I!

My fosterfamily here in Uppsala, where I henceforth will rest my bones, is master Uffe, mistress Ingrid and the two mini-masters Sebastian and Jakob. They seems lika a good bunch or pack as Ceasar says. Have their faults and shortcomings lika any of being of humans I guess. But give some time and I will rough of the sharp edges. And they ceep saying this "NO" all the time when I`m having fun...must mean I`m supposed to do it again ain`t it????
And then we have this shadowcreature that lurks around.  In the corner of my eye I can see the shape of an animal. It has very good erect ears like Im gonna have and a tail thats up in the air haven`t got the talent to curl it on it`s back yet though! It talks funny and it got like Edward Scissorhand on its paws. I will have to go easy with that bloke I humbly think. Gonna be fine once we get to know each other. The thingy is called "Sigge" by my parents. Species is cat...hard to understand!

The climate here in the southern part has all you wouldn`t wish`s just too hot right now.Told the family to put down the heat on the furnace least the outside one! But have they Are they made of money!!
And it´s somewhat deenergizing about having clothing like me. I think my furrier had his map upsidedown when he looked were I was going....should have had swimingpants instead of a furcoat...braindead guy! Wonder if the brother have the same problem or if its cold in the cooler in Kumla..hehehe!

My master has been very kind and slept with me on the open veranda a couple of nights..that was cool. You could see the stars and here the frogs bark (do they bark?)....and then the mosquitos...not so funny. Daddy was a little bent in the body after spending a night in the sunbed but I fixed him to erect position with a bit in his nose...had the opportunitie could resist...did I get at "thanks"...nonono!

On Monday evening we went to  Fjällnora dogbath (separate place for dogs to swim..not for humans) to take a swim...or maybe dip my paws in the water MAYBE... But it was rather fun....or funnish in a small way. Anyway it was an experience to be laid to others in my path on the art of akita-do. Lot of things to accomplish before one becomes a MASTER.
It was coolish anyway by the water and I even stept in to my knees to feel the sense of it. But when I got out of the lake, I thought half of the water of the lake disappeared! I guess half of it I drank and the other half was in my fur!!! I´m like a sheep right know...mostly fluffy wool.My dad had to squeeze the water out of me like a sponge. My mini-master Zeb thought we could use me for something good and wash the dirty car with he funny...well I think not so funny! Then we said hallo to some dirty pigs and a pack of goats. They thought it was funny running along the fence with me. Luckily for me the fence was there caus they hade sharp things between their ears that didn`t look that nice...but I told them I`ve got sharp teeth..that got them thinking! Some chickens.....had adopted a rabbit can you imagine! Would I like to be adopted by a bunch of smelly cats....??? Crazy thought!!!

One night I meet Vito. No not Vito Corleone, the Godfather in the movie, no it was Vito the whimpy chihuahuan ( silly name on a dogbreed, hard to spell too). He really thought he was the Godfather the way he was going on. He tried to annoy me with his barking, useless on an akita! Like throwing meetballs at an they stick..don`t think so!!! Attendant human being to this Vito-thing claimed that Vito was seen by others that of a small akita!Can u believe it?! Some dogs have ambitions!No..I turn my back on that guy and let myself be adorded by the humans following Vito in his pawsteps.The ladies were SO excited that they nearly did the thing I do sometimes on the carpet at home!

Soon I´m going to meet Mitsu, she`s the akita that`s gonna be my godmother and guidance in life (?). Just as long as she is as kind as my dear dear mother Miume. She is said to be a little bit bitchy (should she not?) but when she sees me she`s gonna melt!

The end for I´m  gonna  go and do some mischiefs...bite someone in the foot or maybe gnaw on a leg (tableleg that is!).....that is FUN!!

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