lördag 5 september 2015

At last I got to meet my step-mother/god-mother or what ever!!..It was a happy meeting with lots of kisses and warming hugs...dont think? Not so at all...she was a little bit rejecting I think or was she having her period? Well everthing went fine after a while and we hade some sniffs at each othet that promised better times ahead. Maybe I overdid it by trying a whiff from her "milkbar"...getting thirsty with all this hugging...and that really set the old lady going. Lucky for me I am smart and agile so her teeth mist me by an inch. Stupid bitch! No she`s not stupid just maybe sore...I hold no grudge against her for that. I even got a very nice present to play with so I´m happy with our first meeting.
See you soon again Mitsu!!!!

My fostermaster Uffe likes to take me for "walks" as he puts it. Think that stuff is overrated. I usually try to digg my paws down to the ground and stay put. But does it help...nonono thar guy on the other side of the rope is to much strong...could think is some kind of body-builder that he tows on the rope.
Well sometimes you get to have some snacks on the stones for example. Tast like sh-t but enoys the master a bit so thats something I guess. And you know....pritty much stone in the world ain`t it?!
This week I´ve expanded my roaddiet to chewinggum. Nice to lick when papered on the tarmac and a lot of fun when daddy tries to wedge it out of my mouth....happy days!
Today we are going to a fair, Ulva Marknad. Gonna be fun...wonder have many people gonna go "Oh" "Ah" "what a cute puppy" this time....hard work being adored!

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