tisdag 8 september 2015

One early morning we went to Morga Hage, kind of a nature-wildlife-preserve nearby where we live in Uppsala, to take a walkie...daddy get bored easily with the same route he think he doesn`t like to stop and talk to people and getting me admired...just walk walk no stopping. It`s a beautiful place with lots of old oaks and lies near Mälaren, a lake that connects with the Baltic Sea through Stockholm, Swedens capital were the king lives...he is like the emperor of Sweden....only similarity with the Japanese one is that he talks sometimes like it`s in a foreign language...luckily he has a wife the queen Silvia from Deutchland that has some kind of sense. can almost tell I´m not a hearty royalist can you?

Look how I walk ever so nicely on the path with my curly tail on my back and hips sashaying like a dancer out on the dance floor with a beautiful bitch. Am I irresistible or am I?????

I walked an a big hard was that...well pretty hard for the first time...did you try it when you were 10 weeks...ha didn`t  had a lovely time at mummys milkbar thinking of nothing else. Well I can logg of the log now......

It was a misty and mysterious morning with lots of elfs dancing on the water, Kind of creepy but dad was with so I felt safe...but he kept on hiding behind trees all the time ..thinking I should train targeting him.

Then I heard a big was my stomach talking with a loud voice..."foood fooood" said...well it usually does in a dogs empties quickly. So I looked around and saw this kind of pizza/haggish thing lying there unattended..all food that no one claims is free food....
Turned out to tasted like a cows poo poo....AND IT WAS!!!! Dad where are you when I need you...get me a bucket to throw up this sh..t in!!!

Then we went home...or tried to anyway...this is a "färist" ......a cattle grid that helps to hold the animals that sometimes are in there at bay..nasty work to execute, but I would say NOTHING is impossible for an akita-ken!!! Mission accomplished!Logg the log and the "färist"!Tomorrow I will tell you about when I met some Manga-nerds. Over and out.

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  1. Hej Shirai!
    Vad roligt att du gick i Morga Hage, där har jag också gått med mina tjänare. Jättefina omgivningar och vilka fina bilder av dig! Hoppas vi ses snart igen.
    Kram din allra allra bästa vän Honey! PS dvs Mitsu