lördag 5 september 2015

Today we went to Ulva Qvarn (its on old mill on the outskirts of Uppsala) to meet some relatives and my dear old ( hush don´t say it load because then she gets offended and even more pissed) Mitsu.
First we met Astrid and Lisa. Astrid is twin-sister to my mistress Ingrid. Ah...they are like me and my twinbrother...two of the same litter. And Lisa is Astrids daughter. Lisa has also a twin sister Anja...what a coincidence...perhaps they are from the same kennel all of them. Lisa is very good with animals because she`s studies to be a veterinary assistant. Thats really good for me cause then I get instant help if I manage to bite someone and hurt my teeth!!!

And we also met Mitsu, my famous godmother (although she doesn`t know it yet). We had a good sniff back and front so maybe she`s losen up (the old hag hehehe) just joking!!!She was just a little bit offended that she actually didn`t get as many "Oh"`s "Ah"`s and "what a cute dog that is" as little darling me. We could have made bucks cashing in on those that talked to me and wanted to pet.
So she did her growling thing at me again!...but I know..she loves me but she doesn`t know how to show it thats all. If she sees that I love to play with the toy she gave, she`ll be even more friendly next time. See you soon Mitsu (means honey).suiting name or what?!

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