tisdag 8 september 2015

We went to the Stadsträdgården (the City-park) to look at some Manga-nerds. I think that if everybody was a trifle more nerdy, the world would be a better place. If you are in to something deep you don`t have the time to do so much trouble...heavy thinking!!! Anyways...the Manga-people are close to my little heart since they decend like me from Nippon. And as always ...the girls adore me..I  became their little mascot.

Have you seen this guy......I hardly have and he is supposed to live here in the house with me. I can sometimes see he in the corner of my eye but when I look at that place...whiff its gone... crazy.....have I gone mad...maybe its a ghost...wooow a ghost-cat in my house...and let me tell you its MY house now. He can try to reclaim it but he as to confront me... Shirai "the fearless akita-inu"! Actually I like to be friends with him...seems like a good dad thinks he is very nice..maybe he loves him more than me...naaa don`t think so. I can feel the smell of him and hear him eat behind a closed door...uncanny sound...he eats so slow..isn`t he afraid some one will steel his food...some one like me?? if i`ll have a go at it I will!!! make no mistake!
Eventually we will meet and make friends, othetwise it`s gonna be a strange having half of the house and he the other.
My dad has registered me to a "valp-kurs"... a course for making a puppy into a dog(!?) ...and they said dad should bring same dogcandy to bribe me with..that I like!!!..and to bring my favorite toy...I want to bring the we must be friends soon.

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