torsdag 10 september 2015

This is Anja..the tigress! it`s Anja the twin sister to Lisa with whom I met at Ulva Qvarn..Lisa, who`s my personal veterinary assistant in spe.Anja and Lisa is the daughters of Astrid who is a twin to my mistress Ingrid..two of the same litters and four from the same kennel..wonder what their kennel name is? Mine is Midori No Yokouchi..very Japanese and posh I think. Some kennel-names have the word Samuari in them...there`s more like it I think..everyone knows what a samurai is...Midori what`s that?Anyway..Anja hasn`t got a fur like this on a daily`s for some student festivities..wouldn`t you get noticed if you had that on for work...why bother? ..I`ve got a fur almost like that and I get along fine..look who`s being adored all the time....maybe Anja also gets adored like me with that fur on...I`ll guess YES! She came to us walking with two that common for a tiger to do?..shouldn`t it be tricky lurking around in the jungle with two sticks to walk with? Anja had injured her ankel she said...aha she must have done some gymnastics and fallen...she said something about a bar, was it like parallel bars or was it fallen from a stool in a bar? Hard to tell hard to tell!! Anyway I like that tigress Anja with her can tell I`m basking in her attention!

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