tisdag 15 september 2015

I had this "Close Encounter" with the demonphantom-Cat today!
And I`ll tell wasn`t of the first kind or second kind or even the third was of the fourth kind!!!!! Richard Dreyfuss would`ve done something in his pants meeting this behemoth!!!!
The cat...ok I will call him cat...sat there under a table so tranquil and harmless .......harmless was NOT the word of the moment it turn out. When I skimmed my best skim over the kitchenfloor to give him a hug.....or something perhaps a little more than a hug!!!??? He didn`t act harmless AT ALL!
Do you know what that stupid stupid thing did...he whacked me across my nose with his recently sharpened scissorpaw!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine the impertinence!!!!
When he did that...... a funny kind of a noise was heard.....yelp yelp!!!...I tried to figure out who was sounding so pitiful...and to my was ME!!! An AKITA yelping...o my God..don`t tell Rudi don`t tell my brother and don`t for goodness sake tell the stuck-up broad Mitsu the honey-suckle lady. If her toy-boy akita is yelping after a little swag from a cat she`ll laugh until she gets you out there KEEP MUM!!!

Now I have to sleep , but next time .....master of disaster think it`s time brushing some sharpish akita teeth.

By the way....I weigh 12,8 kg now...I´m aiming at an elephants matchweight..can come close...u never know! Cya folks!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  2. Sorry Shirai, Mitsu read your blog before I did. She is lying on the floor, writhing with laughter! :)

  3. Well I was afraid of that!!!!! was a very shameful experience the meeting with the demoncat! I hope Mitsu can forget it and will want to meet her toy-boy again?!

    1. Yes of course Mitsu will meet her little
      friend again soon. She understands how evil
      a cat can be.
      But yelping. ... big no no!