fredag 11 september 2015

This morning I met the honey-suckle Mitsu again. At first she was a trifle tired so it was kind of....not boring but not so interesting. May be I was to eager to impress her by my physics so I just ran in circles round her.
She looked that way
and she looked the other way
                                                but the little bratt couldn`t be found!

But then she started taking an interest in me.Laying her big paws on my back and trying to get me on my back....isn`t that a thing males should do? ...or am I being a male chauvanist know?..or  has she got more than maternal feelings for me.......maybe she wants me as her TOY-BOY! Jesus!..I`m to much young for that kind of thing...she should be ashamed of her self...or maybe I`m getting it all very wrong....hope that!
After eating some more stones...lot of stones out there to be eaten folks!....

I went home and did some growing under sleep...matchweight now 11,8 kg!!! Soon becoming a heavyweight champ!

Next time I maybe tell you aboyt when I played tennis and did a McEnroe! C ya!

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