måndag 7 september 2015

What is this all about then?..the akita-do thing?
Well you see I´m originally from if you readers didn`t know that..well I´m not born in Japan but my genes are Japanese. I`m from Sveg, Sweden and my parents are from Poland. Both international champions.And there parents are from Poland and France. So I´m a multi-cultural species. Shame I can`t speak any of those countries lingos..that would have been cool.
So Japan..."the land of the rising sun" and samurais. Actually there are no samurais there today, but I think the spirit of the samurai lives on in modern Japan. Maybe I`m a romantic..I don`t know..I`ve never been to Japan so I can`t tell from my own experience. But "the way of the warrior" bu-do is a fact with a lot of old Japanese sports. Like karate-do, ju-do, aiki-do,ken-do among others. Do is the path you have to tread to become a MASTER.
So akita-do is the way to ultimately become the MASTER of being an akita. Strong in body and mind, gentle but in battle stubborn, kind but stoic...actually the best dog of all dogs wouldn`t you say. And the looks...ah that beautiful body, the glossy fur and the magnificent curly tail....that could kill the dames!
I`m just started on my path and it`s gonna be a long and sometimes hard way...but I`m going to make and get the black-belt in akita-do! Maybe I`l have to do some "wax on" wax of" along the way, but as long as I don`t have to do " the crane" I`ll be fine I think. I`m 2 months old know so you could say I have the 10 kyu in akita-do. Kyu meaning pupil-grades. When I´m one year old (then I´m gonna be BIG you`ll see) I will have my first Dan-grade (sho-dan in Japanese). THAT will be really cool! My master or dad as I call him has san-dan (3rd degree Dan-grade) in Shoto-kan Karate-do. But I think he is a little bit older than three years!!!??? He doesn`t talk alot about that , but I believe he is proud of it! And my name is a dedication to one of his masters when he trained in summmercamps in London, sensei Shirai 9 Dan (HE must have come a long way on his path to perfection!). And you my friends will  be a part of this journey if you like and in the mean time doing your on way through life, doing some human being-do.

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