onsdag 9 september 2015

Yesterday I got a nice comment on my blogg from my dear dear godmother the sweet honey akita Mitsu (Mitsu being the Japanese word for honey). Isn`t she sweet that darling! I knew that she would melt and flow with the honey she`s got inside of her. Godmother... I think I love her!
And she wants to see me soon again!!!!!

Here you have the sneekie cat again...posing on a stone like he`s master of disaster..well I will break him down...the problem is to get at him....that`s why he so sneeeekie that creature with his upright tail...curl it on your back boy like an upright hard could it be! I`ll teach that cat when I get him!
Now I`m tired...gonna sleep now...then a walk and a quick bite of food...wonder what it will be this time in the cantina...guess the same as the meal before...and before...and before. Hard dry pellets but with some chicken and maybe keso or quark (kvarg)...yummieyum!

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