söndag 13 september 2015

Here is the phantom-cat again, lying outstretched on the floor having a good time in front of a fire from the stove...hasn`t he got enough of fur to keep warm! You never know where he is the next time you see him...up in a tree..under a bush..or up in my mums arms glaring at me with his oriental cats eyes. Oriental I can aligne with. Can you guess what the cat said one day when he was being protected up in my mistess arms...pointing his Scissorhand paw at me and saying " That was the most ugliest cat I´ve ever seen"...can you imagain his impudence..he´s got some nerve that thingy! Well I will certainly teach him ugly when I get him...and to have the balls to call me CAT..well he has stamina that guy I´ll tell you that!
Have you  readers/akitas out there in the world any good advice you can give how I could master this cat...master a cat maybe not possible..perhaps some tips how to get friendly with him then?!

Here´s me just finishing my could almost see that I didn`t win can you? I must confess I got a bit of a temper when I lose..hence  the poore condition of the racket. But I didn`t verbaly discredit the referee. Like the infamous tennisplayer in the 80es John McEnroe..adversery to our famous swede.. Björn Borg. Have  a look at how impudent John behaved at Stockholm Open 1984 with this link..`s not the way to behave in sports or in life I think. What do you think????

Long tongue

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