tisdag 15 september 2015

One day at weekend, think it was Saturday, I went to the Botaniska Trädgården in the central of Uppsala. It´s a park essentially but with a lot of flowers, plant bushes etc that they tend very carefully. All day long and into the night there is this Kulturnatten (Culture night) with lots of activities all around Uppsala, dancing, sports, music,exhibitions,etc etc I think it´s over 600 activities to go to and totally free. Amazing! 

We saw kyudo "the way of the bow"..very interesting...budo art from the ancient Japan. During the feodalsystem in Japan the budo-arts were highly esteemed ...In Japan they were constantly at war within the country..lots of samurais doing the "chop-chop". Nowadays kyudo is a means do be at peace with one self, to train concentration, focus, inner kime(power) and calmness.....look at these three pictures and you`ll see total selfcontrol in this could almost see it poring from the picture.

And I even got to meet them and have a picture...who was pleast the most, do you think, being on the photo???????????
You know don`t you that my breed origin from that time and even further back as the matagi-inu. So I´m an old dog though I don`feel it I can tell you!!!

I was how ever VERY focused of NOT turning my back on them....I tend to look like a bulls eye from my rear!!!!!!!!

Now I will go for a walk with my Sensei ( master) but the next time I´ll tell you when I had a "Close Encounter" with the Demon-Cat...spoooky!

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