måndag 17 februari 2020

Here we are together...the three world famous akitas...not the whole world maybe...but the world surrounding us...and thats big enough for us three....Daijina Mirai, kazumi and me Shirai..

Beautiful Daijina Mirai.......

I am still in that heat wonder when it is going to end...he is tired of all my feeling for the other sex right now.
And I am getting thinner and thinner...we went for a weighing Ultuna Veterinary clinic...and that is always an ordeal when Zumi is with us...she hates the Ultuna Vets!!!! She is sooooo embarrassing when she starts to bark when we are inside....I can see all the people thinking " Can`t anyone shut up that crazy bitch!!!"...well good luck to the one that wants to have a in Cesar Milan maybe???!!

I weighed 38,4 kilograms...a month ago I weighed 40,4 kilo...if this goes on I will in a couple of month weigh less than the husky Zumi ( she is not a husky, she is an akita-inu, but she is a bit sturdy )...but don`t you dare tell her that into her face....she believes that boys like girls that have curves!!! She says that "love handles" are cute!!!!

We are usually a family of two dogs, one cat and two servants ( mum and dad )...but it happens that sometimes when Sigge,the cat in his most generous mode the family grows. And that was what happened the other night!
Dad in his wisdom let Sigge in from outdoors without checking the status in the cats mouth....something in his mouth  or something i.e a mouse in his mouth. This time he had made a score!! The mouse was going to be implemented into the family Andersson!! Hurrah said Sige but not the rest of the family!!!!

The mouse was in the study and we didn`t want it in the rest of the house hence the newspapers under the door slot.....

And the mouse had the inprudence to disappear into the has promised to cover up the pipes....that he promised  the day the house was built...and that was 30 years ago...and he is still will happen...sooooon??!

So he had to set up a mouse trap....we are still waiting for the mouse to come out.......

Chihiro, her cat mate Luna the Maine Coon and Elliot the ferret came to visit....always fun when they come...and especially this time because the ferret bit dad in the arm...hahahaha!!!

Chihiro is cute isn`t she?????

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