torsdag 5 mars 2020

This morning was a great morning for yours truly! At our walk a big taxi past us in a very slow pace and stopped a short distance ahead of us....ok what is the problem now?? The driver opened the door and stepped out..." Good morning! Beautiful dogs! Have you seen the movie?" Said that to dad of course! Dad...who hadn`t heard that question ever...NOT! thought of to counterpunch " Yes, Godzilla, I have seen it!"...but since he is a polite old man with manners he said "Yes, you mean Hachiko". The man noded and took out  his phone..."Can I take a picture?"...and he took a picture of me....and only ME!!! Not Zumi!!!!! Hahahaha! it was so funny! She stood there wagging her tail hoping he would take one on her....but he didn`t!!! Zumi is ugly,ugly,ugly!!!Hehehehe!

This may be the last blog I write with all wits you want to know why??? It spells C h i h o r o.......
We are going to babysit this 10 kilogram of  mayhem for five days AND four nights!!!!
I will have to be put into a psychiatric hospittal with a staff of shrinks after this sojourn. Though some shrinking business probably wouldn`t help a lot...have already done it and didn`t like it...I assume the two shrinks I have met so far doesn`t do that line of work anymore...hehehe!

This little petite thing scares the living c r a p out of never know were she are...she is extremly fast and all over the place...when she has been two seconds in a room the carpets are in the ceiling and the lamps on the floor....and I am in an other part of the house!!!

But Zumi and Sigge,the cat, take it easy...luckily for us the cat, Luna, is staying in her home. But we have to go there and feed her...her and Chihiros owners, Klara and my human brother Zeb is going to Dublin for a vacation on there own.

Dad is happy...the "Killer-iller" ( iller is ferret in swedish ) Elliot is in Uddevalla so we don`t have to take care of him. Elliot took a nibble on dad last time......

Well...hope to manage to write on this blog again...bye bye and wish me luck!!!

Kanske det sista inlägget med mitt förstånd i behåll!!!

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