torsdag 26 mars 2020

The time of wonder is not yet over!!!!! I am participating in a dog exhibition!!!!!
For you readers that have been following me from my early years that must come as a shock??!!
My career as a champion dog to be was very short...... but as many can vouche very intense...I managed to bite a judge!!!! well bite is perhaps an exaggeration....the stupid judge person happened to come in the way of one of my very sharp akita teeth...and the little bimbo ( bimba?, it was a male judge ) started to bleed......he insisted we should call an ambulance but the staff thought a plaster would do just dandy!!! Well it teached him a lesson for sure!...akitas are fighting dogs and when you degrade them by trying to grope their genitalia you will get a quick response.......

Anyway enough about is long past now and forgotten ( not by my dad though...he says he still remember the embarrassment of leaving the arena in shame )...
But now it is my turn to glimmer!!!!!

Zumi says I shouldn`t boast about this.....she is so haughty that she has been on severel dog shows...
Well maybe she is is not an actual dog show per se.....due to the corona virus they have a dog show on line! Dad sent in my ( and Zumis as well ) photo to the competion. So no judge will have the fortune of fiddeling with my nuts....hehehehe!
Wish me luck will you!!!!!
I guess some stupid dachshound or a poodle with the haircut of a shrub will win....not a real dog like an akita-inu!!!!!

Most mornings we go the same way to a small wood/park nearby. We pass this house where they have two Danish Swedish Farmdogs and one Ridgeback...stupid dogs with no sense of manners!!!!
When they see us...or more acurate when they sense we are coming...they start barking as mad...and they are obviously crazy.
This morning they started the barking as usual...we passed and walked on as we normally do with no comments...but they barked and barked...loud as hell...we moved on into the woods...and we could still here them. We heard them after we had walked at least one kilometer. But then suddenly we heard this loud BANG! and the dogs went dead silent.

The funny thing about this is that the lady that lives next door to the dogs are so fed up with them barking all the she has this wheelbarrow on her veranda...and it is filled with wooden logs. And when she think it is enough she hurls a log at the neighbours wooden fence....BANG!!!!
I guess she soon will be so sickened by their barking that she will hurl the logs at the dogs....stupid log dogs!!!:....hehehehe!

 Can you see the paraglider in the background????

Dog meetings are often somewhat of a happening and seldom boring....Zumi and myself stir up emotions of different kinds...often the adversary get upset and now and again crazy as a shithouse rat ( beg your pardon but it`s the computers translation from the swedish " spritt språngande galen" )!
We turned around a corner......first Zumi with my dad...the two dogs saw her...and started to bark like mad hatters ( we have met them before and they DO NOT find us amusing )...then handsome Shirai a k a me, glided around the corner...that really mad them crazy as bats and since they couldn`t get at me they started to a fight between themselves!!!!! Stupid dorks!!!!!

Well now we have to week is going to be full with being a nanny for Chihiro......pray for me please!!!!!

Here she is the sweet Chihiro...I like her best when she is in the position below......

Sigge looks he always does!!!!!

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