tisdag 7 april 2020

We were three dogs in our pack last week again....for five looooooooooong days. I dont know, but that little thing a k a Chihiro gets on my nerves sometimes......though I handle it with good manners as a gentleman should do. She is in love with me....and I dont blame her.....I think I am in love myself that is!!!! Who wouldnt be?????

For the most part Zumi takes care of the kindergarten stuff...she is good at that....playing and fooling around as two they are!!
Chihiro is in the picture above somewhere....can you find her????

Sigge our cat is not pleased with that we have an extra dog in our house. Chihiro has a catfriend, Luna, in her house so she is supposed to know how cats are...but in Sigge she is very interested....he is very NOT so. Mum and dad has to lift him up when he comes back from his outdoors events and but him in a Chihiro saferoom. That annoys him very much...he is used to roam around freely in the house and sleep in the best places.
Chihiro is a very fast and agile an unattended moment she managed to take a bite at Sigges tail. Zumi and I thought it looked funny with Chihiro having a proper wadd of Sigges tail in her mouth....Sigge on the contrary NOT!!!!!

A man in our neighbourhood put out a photo on his hedge that is adjacent to the street on our local Facebook community. And on the photo was a biiiig pile of animal feces....maybe an elephants by the size of it....but NOT mine I tell you!!!. The man was angry!!!!! He was pissed off!! He was furious!!! He did NOT want that kind of things near his precious home...lying unattended...someone was to blame...and he said he knew who had left it their.....I dont know how he could read from the very pile who the dog was who had left..or more accuratly the dogs owner who had not picked up its dogs poop. Maybe he was a fortune teller who read it poop???!!! Anyway if the piles owner a k a the dogowner  to the dog that had produced that amount of poop did not take care of the manure he threatened to put it in the dog owners mailbox!!!!!Hahahaha! I hope he does it himself and doesn`t do it by the Royal Swedish Postservices....poor postman to have to deliver poop....poor poop postman eh?!

You know that in Sweden you can get prosecuted if you do not pick up what your dog produces from the rear end!!!!!! That is Sweden in a can get away with murder if you have an accomplish so you can blame each other for it....but if you leave your dogs s h i t on the ground they slam the prison door in your face and throw away the key!!!!!

When we are out walking Chihiro always walks by my side....I can see she that she is proud to be there....beside a very handsome akita......

On Dag Hammarskjölds road we saw a dog that by an inch escaped meeting his maker....Dag Hammarskjöld by the way is a very famous person...he was the Secretary-General of the UN...tragically dead in a plane crash in Africa....and buried in Uppsala. An old man...not Dag Hammarskjöld of course ....was with his dog on the other side of the road...and off leash!!!!! The stupid mongrel saw three beautiful dogs and desided that he wanted to say hello...maybe to get some autographs or whatever...I dont know what goes on in stupid dogs heads...I have enough to worry about my own...head that is!! Without a seconds thought it jumped out into the street....and it is a very busy road the Dag Hammarskjöld....the car that came first managed to hit its brake just in time not to make a hamburger of the mutt....I question whether one would eat such a hamburger?!
Anyway its time wasnt right to do the big journey up to heaven...or maybe more appropriate for that dogrugg....hell......

Riding shotgun!!!!

Aaaaaah...sleeping shotgun!!!

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