onsdag 13 maj 2020

The KING is not happy....not happy at all, as you can see. Little Chihiro is in the building and NOT the King!!!!! Chihiro is here during working hours when her mum and dad ( human ones that is of course!! ) is out in society earning cash to buy the little monster some food. So the King is not at all pleased....after the little rascal dog bit his tail he is not happy as a lark anymore....if he ever has been I can not tell....maybe he was b.d...that is before dogs!!!

So he is out a lot roming around with his can see he movements during one day above. We have a gps tracker on him we can find him if he ever gets lost! Saved him his life can read about it in my blogg somewhere. The neighbour cat, Linus, wished he had one when he was stuck in a garage for 12 days...poor cat!

Here the three of us are in Lyssnaängsbadet on a for once sunny day....May in Sweden has been very cloudy and cold....we long for some nice weather to be out in......

The girls always runs like crazy at the beach....I like to just sit at the waters edge with a paw or two in the water and think about lifes big when is the next meal and when can I go to sleep again????
Maybe you think I look a little bit snooty....put I am an akita and I am the superior of not forget that!!!!!!!

Mum is so ungenerous....whenever she is eating a biscuit or something else tasty she never never shares. She says that she doesn`t hang around our bowls when we eat....I can but say " You are welcome anytime!!"

We had a "catfight" with dogs here!!!! It was dads foolishness that made up the situation I think. We were treated whipped cream...and that is king of kings of treats for us...I myself could kill for cream...and as it turned out that could Chihiro and Zumi too!!!!! Zumi managed to sneak a peak in Chihiros bowl before Chi was finished with her cream. It took one millisecond and the fight was on!!!! It is not nice when two bitches fight I can tell you. Chis dad and my dad managed to pull them apart.....and luckily only the humans got scratches that bleed.
The girls was a little grumpy for some minutes but they soon played with each other as before.
Now if we get whipped cream we get it in separate rooms!!!!!!
So the picture down under is fake news.....Zumi has not bitten off Chihiros leg...haahaha!

This is how I look after Chihiro has been here a day!!!!!!!

This was it for this you will have to way a little longer for the next update of my exciting? and I are going away for a week...leaving the girls ( mum, Zumi and Chihiro ) at our house all by themselves...but with the King as master of the house of course.
Dad and I are going to our summerhouse in is doing some refurbishing...he is always up to something....never can sit still. And doing refurbishing means that NO girls is allowed to be around to disturb him. I have the great talent to never disturb....just look above!!
The livingroom  walls is going to be painted in "Lovikagrå", "Lovikagrey".....Lovika is a little village up in northern Sweden and there they knit Lovikavantar...Lovika mittens that are grey!
Where do they get all of those names????And I think dad should paint the walls in "Akita red"!!!!!
See ya!!!

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