onsdag 4 december 2019

Hi guys!!...we are watching you!!!!! Big Brother as akitas and with a vengeance!!!!

We did 9  kilometers on our lunch walk today!!1...yes you heard right!..bloody 9 kilometers!! dont know what that would be in miles but I will guarantee you that it is a LOT!!
I am now so tired I don`t even remember my name let alone eat my dinner....don`t matter to Zumi though...she can eat in her sleep...missing a meal is NOT in her universe....

The wholedamn thing started with one of my mums "goodbad" says that mum sometimes comes up with those "goodbad" ideas that put us in a taking a shortcut that wind up in nowhere. Anyway, mum was going to dinner at a friends and wanted to take a plant with she thought of we should walk to " Blomsterlandet", a big flowerstore, " It can`t be far?!".

It was 4,5 kilometers single way!!!!!...and then we had to go back!!!
After a while I started to get tired....and when I get tired I just put myself on the ground....and try to pull 40 kilo of stubborn akita of the ground....impossible!!!

Zumi got tired to and that means starting a fight with me....or dragging me along in my leash. Do I like that???? not think so......

We went to a Christmas Fair at Hammarskog Mansion...don`t know why though!...we never bye anything and there is always a lot of people...and peolpe always means trouble...
Itis always this " oooh what beautiful dogs, what race is it" and blah blah blah...yeah yeah, we have heard it all before....can we go know!!! Please!!!
But one must be polite and smile and answer their questions in good manor....they are nice aren`t they...asking those questions..
Luckily for me Zumi is "over-social" and takes the front line......

My dad said to me "We are going for a ride today Shirai"...and then I thought he said " To a pet party!" Aha! I thought that would be fun....a party!!!!...though the best parties I have is with ok I could always try it.
But aren`t Zumi and Sigge the cat coming with us??? heard dad mumbling something about she doesn`t need it and he hasn`t got any....understood nada!!!

We arrived at the place where the party was taking place...a nice woman in the reception said "Welcome! this will be over in no time!"...what?? odd party to be over before it has started?!
I saw an amstaff waiting in line so I asked him..." Hi dude, you here for the party as well??" He looked at me with those bloodsoaked amstaff eyes and said " You funny punk?! I am here for my haemorrhoids!"

But anyhow...we went downstairs where there was a very lovely chick who said I have a nice fur!!...I always get nervous humans talk about my fur...I know what they did to my ancestors during the WW2!!!! awful awful things!!!!
Then a man with ponytail strolled up to me...must be the disk jockey I thought...but he had strange green clothes. The next moment I saw a syringe in his hand and then everthing went blank...totally totally blank. Must be very good shit in that syringe....maybe Sigge the Fentanyl Phantom had been dealing it to them!!!!

After a couple of hours I woke up at home...and I don`t remember a thing.....but I guess I must have had good fun at the party!!.....anyway my teeth felt very clean strangly enough????

Dad told me afterwards that I had been to the vet to have my teeth checked. I got a goldstar....I had no holes and very very little plaque. Thank you dad for brushing my teeth!!!! And thank God I don`t have haemorrhoids!!!!!

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