måndag 30 december 2019

At last the holidays are, actually the dreadful New Years Eve is to come tomorrow!!!!! I personally hate New Years Eve!!!! Not the Eve per se but the fireworks people just must shoot off! And not only during the time the old year rings out and the new rings`s a couple of days before and after as well...if you go outdoors you can never be certain if you are going to be scared brainless or not!!! Ban the fireworks totally!!!! For the environment but first and foremost for MY SAKE!!! Greta do something please!!!!!!!

Luckily for Zumi the X-mas is over and all the food is gone. Was it to be X-mas all year round she would be big as an Kavkaszkaja that if you haven`t seen one, they are big as elephants.....she has no limit that girl when it comes to food. I am lucky she gets food from mum and dad otherwise she would eat me.....

Here you have some beautiful photos off daijina Mirai, Zumi and myself on a hike on the trail " Butterfly Path". Photos courtesy off Daijina Mirais mum Kitti, who is a very good photographer!
If we have had seen any butterflies it would have been a miracle....we are in the middle of the winter right now ( though the weather is like early spring, damn it...we are snowdogs and we want snow!!).
But during the summer this perticular area is a haven for butterflies......

Zumi giving a no one in perticular.... as she usually does....talks but seldom listens!

This is the main coon is Sebastian and Klara`s cat....they are away for a couple of days so we have to see to that she gets food....well mum and dad does that.....she is not in our house, she is at her own home...The King Sigge wouldn`t be happy having her in his kingdom.....

During one of our morningwalks we had two misfortunes....we went passed the house of the stupid dog "Morris"...he has a grudge towards us for a reason I don`t phatom....anyway the stupid mongrel was outside and saw us...and started his own Third World War. His dad has built a very high fence in front of the house...he has jumped over the old one once and tried to get at us. But that didn`t stop mongrelMorris...he has one or two brain cells as it seemed because he jumped over the fence to the NEIGBOURS lawn. As it turned out the neigbour, who also have a dog, has a high fence as well. The funny thing of it all was when Morris master ran yelling after his dog and had to do a very athletic high jump over the fence. Maybe the next Olymic Gold medalist!! We heard Morris screaming when his master got hold of him...we didn`t should not look my dad says...just go, ignore and mind your own business.....

The second one brought me down to "Mordor".....I heard the most dreadful scream chilled me through my bones that scream. I yanked at my leash but it made the scream even worse...was it me screaming??? No it was sounded that she was about to die. The stupid girl had jumped after she always does to start a fight...and since we were on leash she had managed to get a toe inside my steel clamp between leash and necklace!!!!! And it was stuck there...very very hard!!! Dad tried to get the toe loose but it was sat very hard....the clamp just squeezed the toe the more Zumi tried to get loose. Dad thought of calling mum so we could go by car to the vet....what a strange scene that must have been!!!! But eventually dad pushed the clamp more into Zumis toe and could get it free!!! Hurraha!!!!! 
No injury was seen on the toe!!! But do you think it was a lesson for Zumi??? No no no! Five seconds later she was jumping at me again!!!! 

Well now I have to get my hearing protections......UnHappy New Year!!!!!

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