måndag 16 december 2019

Only the swenglish it if you must!!!

Hi again you my virtual friends!! You maybe think due to the picture that we are resting on the floor of our summer house waiting for the fat bloke with a beard to come....... and I don`t mean the local biker dude!!! You are wrong!....if you look very close you can see we are holding our paws against our ears....why you may wonder?! It`s this bloody little fieldmouse that has some kind of own Olympic games on the roof!!!! The house is empty and quite during sometimes one to two weeks and then we get these little squatters coming in. Dad promised to fix the little ( and it is little ) slot in the facade during summer, but the lazy bugger decided it could wait and lay by the pool instead!!!! So we have these nonpaying guests paying us a visit when the fall comes...they are not many thank God, the local cats do their job ( unlike dad!! )...but they are a nuisance when they do their home-runs inside our house.

Dad has put up some mouse traps in the attic to catch them....Kazumi and I thought it better to put Sigge the cat in there instead...but he is so lazy......just sleeps in the sofa all day long. So mouse little guillotines...ones they used in the french revolution...chopped of heads like bread loafs. No more 100 meter runs for those little rasqals!!! Dad bates with some cheese...Zumi and I think that some pieces of candy bars would be a better idea....if they dont get their head rolling, at least they get a vicious toothache that will drive them crazy...serves them right!!!!!!

We had one winter day....yeeah!! Then the day after it rained is so should be heaps of snow right now if things were right.....instead it is cloudy, rainy and grey outside. We have to wear raincoats...and it is not fun...we look like the local dustman picking up garbage!

This is me from taken from a it was mum......

Outside our garden in Uppsala when it was that day of winter....

Our akita association in Swedenthe "Akita-inu Sällskapet" wants akita owners to do a BPH on their`s kind of a mental check-up. Well I can tell you straight away that I do NOT need any shrinkgoing inside my brain!!! I have no problem that I can`t handle!!! If the world have a hard time excepting me...well then THEY have got a problem and should be doing a BPH!!!!

But Zumi on the other hand!!!. She must have some kind of personality disorder. Every time the cat,Sigge that is,comes in from the outside,she always takes a rabbit...not a live one for Gods sake!! that would be the day when mum faints!!! No a toy rabbit ...she takes a toy rabbit in her mouth and goes up to him. Sigge gets scared and runs away of course...he has some sense! But what does she think?? That she is his mama and should be taking care of him....does she think she is a cat? Or that he is a little baby that wants to play??? Zumi! He is twelve years older than you!! He could be your grandfather...if he where a dog that is......
So dad! Please do a double BPH on Zumi!!!!

Now I have no more time for this...have to start the preparations for X-mas. Try to be nice these last days before the Santa comes....dont want to be put in the empty sack!!!
Just one week left before it begins. The X-mas holidays!!! We have this traditional start of it the day before X-mas Eve "dan före doppare-dan". We eat sushi and play "Bingo-Lotto" on the tv. It`s a bingo game were you could when loads of money, travels and stuff. We NEVER win anything!!! If dad should win it surely be a trip to Ougadougou!!! You can google that !!!!
See ya!!!

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