lördag 18 januari 2020

Something is wrong here in the kingdom of Sweden.....the weather is like early spring not as it should be....minus 10 degrees Celsius and half a meter of crispy snow to play in. With the luck we have it`s gonna be cold in april and snow up to the rooftops!!!!

The weather has forced dad to buy a new mobile phone....and he blames us for it??!!! I don`t know how he has his head screwed on actually! Because of the mild and wet weather mum and dad wipe our paws in the hallway before we go into the house.....pedantry!!!....and when dad bends over he has dropped his phone from his inside pocket a couple of times...smack on the hard tile floor!!! So his camera has gone caputtski!
And he has the stomach to blame us!!!!...get us some nice rubber shoes then!!!!

So the photos you see here is a random collection from her arcive......enjoy!?

Often on pictures taken of me I look so serious don`t I?....I have been known to smile once or twice though!
I have never been a happy and bouncy dog...not even as a puppy...and the older I get the more serious I get.
Is it the climate, Greta Thunberg, Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin that is making me so solemn????
No I don´t think it is that way...I am just an akita...a male akita-inu...I am supposed to be inscrutable, grave and introvert.

Something strange happened when we were taking an afternoon walk with dad. A car that came towards us slowed down and almost stopped.....then it went passed us. We didn`t take any notice of the car...usually when we see our own car we get wild. After a few steps we suddenly turned our noses up against the wind and sniffed... went ballistic and wanted to go after the car. Dad just laughed and was amazed. In the car was mum and auntie Astrid! We hadn`t noticed them visually but somehow some micro smell came out from the car when it passed us and that started us going. I myself are astonished how great our olfactory senses are...........

See you later alligator!

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