måndag 27 januari 2020

A couple of days ago we were invited to my humanbro Jakobs was my family and my other humanbro Sebastian, his girlfriend Klara and their little sweetheart Chihiro, the shiba-inu. Elsa wae there as well...that is Jakobs girlfriend....... which I like very much. We like to go to Jakobs place...we uaually get meatballs there....yummie!
When we arrived there was three unknown people in the flat!!! The control freak inside me was on instant alert....unknown people are like mine fields to me....uncharted ones! I have to tread carefully around those potential never know do you??!!

I know that mum and dad says to people that havent met me that theyshould take it easy...not approach directly...and not look me straight in the eyes...a contest I always win!!!!
The new people were Elsas parents Annika and Nisse....well Nisse isn`t his name really, it´s Mikael...why he calls himself Nisse is beyond my well as their son Eric.
I was very intrigued by this Eric character....I know that he just did was he was told to do...NOT LOOK IN THE BEASTS EYES!!!! And he was very good at I had to challange him!!!
Sitting in front of him I started to stare at HIM...but he didn`t flinch! Hey!! whats the matter with you...look at me! I ugly or something? I have snot running from my nose or what?!
I was forced to make a small, but noticeable growl, to try make his attention. At that point dad took my by the collar and sat me in the kitchen! What! Hey dudes I was only trying to start a friendly conversation!! Can´t a guy talk to another guy???? Whats wrong with you??? I got so pissed off that I sulked in the kitchen by myself the rest of the evening.
Dad brought me some whipped cream....that almost got me to forget Eric. I will talk to him next time we meet!!!!!

Chihiro....our young shiba bitcfriend comes regulary to visit us...she is a sweet energetic little thing. I have had time studying her behavior...and I have some issues. Lately she has been in heat...for her first time...and I haven`t been that interested???..strange?..I usually go crazy if I smell a heating bitch in the area. It can be answered with that she has panties on when she is here....maybe...or it can be that I have some sense to see that it would be very strange puppies.

But I wonder if she has a clue what gender she is??? Cause when she and Zumi play together...and they do it very intense and hard...she tries to make puppies with Zumi!!!!!!! You should see it!! is hilarious! And I don`t think she knows what up or down on Zumi cause she tries "puppie making" thing on Zumis head!!! I think her mommy will have to teach her some good old dog anatomy!!!

Today I did the stranges thing.....for me that is...I have seen other dogs do it all the time...even Zumi. I approached a man who held out his hand towards me....and I sniffed it!!!!...and the man had all his fingers left when we parted!!!!! Wasn`t I a good boy?! I know one who wouldn`t be pleased if he knew about father...Doraemon...he does NOT like people at all. But my human mom and dad was very pleased....maybe I will try doing it again...then I can get some whipped cream for reward!!!


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